Enjoy the carefreeness with your rental property. You control the payments and we take care about everything else. Owners appreciate that we provide minimal to no downtime between departure of  the old tenant and arrival of the new one.

What is the process, step by step?

Whether the apartment is appropriate for renting and sending the draft of rental property management contract

Signing the agreed contract

  • Repairs (tenants want to rent a realty without having to deal with any problems, which is why this part of the process is significant in order to rent the property)
    – if necessary, we will recommend the required reparations which you can do on your own or we can help you realize them instead
  • Property insurance control – most insurance companies have tenants in their list of exclusions, we propose a solution
  • Checking of energy tariff settings
  • Designing energy-efficient components in the apartment – tenants do not like energy arrears. This is their common reason for ending a lease.  The energy-efficient components will ensure that overpayments arise instead of arrears, thus ensuring a minimum turnover of tenants.

Photos before and after:

For a better presentation of the realty

Launch of marketing

In order to ensure an on time rental payment and a trouble-free relationship between the tenant and the neighbors.

We will send a contract for consultation to you and the tenants. Since we work with lease agreements on a daily basis, our goal is to protect both the owner and the tenant as much as possible.

Signing the agreed contract

  • When handing over the property, initially we create a detailed record of all the items inside the realty, hence protecting the owner and tenant at the time when the lease ends
  • At the end of the lease we also take photos and  write up a summary in regards to the state of the property
  • of realty during the lease – we are present when energy meters are being replaced, we solve and propose the most profitable repairs, of any appliances or building components of the realty, we deal with insurance events, tax declaration and optimization, lease amendments and cancellations without requiring your presence;
  • for the tenant;
  • we deal with lock outs and issues with the internet and television appliances problems;
  • we teach the tenants how to efficiently use energy in order to avoid arrears, explain the correct way of using and maintaining all the appliances and take complete and thorough care of the apartment

We provide high quality photos, video and 3D tour of your property. Immediately after we find out that the current tenant is leaving, we maximize our effort to find a replacement, hence ensuring a minimum downtime between the departure of the old tenant and the arrival of the new one, in a time period of approximately 1-2 months before their departure.